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Hey Girls! Today's life is all go, go, go. Stop for a little while and go, go, go again. We take the time to invest in fashion, the lastest technology, pets, houses, cars. But what I think we're forgetting is something so much more important (as much as it hurts to say) than the latest blackberry, the new season of Victoria's Secret, that hot new jacket in Chanel, or even that little puppy in the window of the pet store. No ladies. It starts now. Health. In my opinion that is number one. (and yes this does have something to do with my new year's resolution, along with many others of you gorgeous ladies). I've never really had any health problems before but have you ever felt that something missing. You don't feel that 100%, you don't feel fresh-face and revitalised when you should? It starts here. Well what are you waiting for? Join up! And you can chat about anything health, and have fun while you're doing it. You're helping your sugar sister's become healthy! Cosmo xx.

Looking To Boost Your Happiness?

Posted By cosmogirl on May 17, 2008 at 11:24PM

Hey Girls. I know that most of us are pretty happy with our lives am I right? I mean we all have a roof over our head, food on the table and clothes on our backs. But do you ever just get... down? Get the blues? Just plain unhappy? Well here are a few little tricks to help you get back on your feet:

1. You know that story that your mum used to read to you? The one that would make you laugh, cry and smile? The one book that made you feel happy? Well dig it up and read it. This should boost your mood, and whiz you back to the happy times. It works for me everytime.

2. Join a sports team. I know it sounds daughting and a little lame but I love it. I play soccer a few times a week and I am having so much fun. You make tones of friends (who are happy, motivated people not negative, lazy ones that only want to bring you down further with them) and you'll get super fit while doing it? Now who wouldn't want that?

3. I love photography and I love friends, both make me so happy. Put the two together and voila! HAPPINESS! Put together a photoboard of all your favorite pics that remind you of the amazing times you've had with your friends and family and add some colour and a few sparkely decorations to make it more interesting. I recommend hanging it so you can see it from your bed or to the place you look before you go to sleep and when you wake up. You'll feel happy and at peace before you rest your head after a long day, improving your sleep. And you'll start the day fresh, inspired and happy!

Enjoy and in the words of Bob Marley. Be happy. :)

Cosmo xx.

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Eyedrops. Who would have known?

Posted By cosmogirl on Apr 18, 2008 at 11:29PM

Hey girls. Let's talk pimples. I know, cringe. Yuck. But I know just the thing to help you get through it. Whether you get them all the time, once a month, a few here and there or are you the kind who never gets them but when you do you its huge, shiny and right in the center of your face (like me). I know I can't really help control how often you get them (mabye in another post) but I can help you in reducing the redness of that unexpected little friend.

Eyedrops. I know werid huh? I thought the same thing when I read about it but just listen! Go to a chemist or drug store and pick up some simple eyedrops and dab some on that stubborn blemish. This should reduce the redness. And how you ask? Well this constricts blood vessels in your skin, minimising that yucky inflammation. Cool.


Cosmo xx.

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Waking Up Beautiful

Posted By cosmogirl on Apr 18, 2008 at 7:40PM

We all want to be beautiful. Am I right? Not in a vain sort of mirrior, mirror on the wall sort of way. Just natural, happy, vibrant, fresh-faced young beauty, and what girl doesn't deserve that?

Here are some tips:

1. Drink water: You've heard it before, from some of your favorite, natural celeb beauties and I'll say it again. Drink up! For a twist on the pure stuff add a squeeze of fresh lemon in the mornings to boost your metabolism.

2. Make-up and skin care. Scary words I know. Most of us (well I know I do) freak out when it's time to buy new make-up or skin care. I know it's fun to see all the new products out there but it can also be pretty daughting. Don't you agree? I'm always worried about what make-up I should use. Should I go with all natural or just for show sort of stuff. I'm not really that big of a make-up person so I think I'm better off going with the natural products. The Simple line is one of my faves but for all you make-up loving girls out there I know (and me not even being an obssessor) there's only one three letter word out there you should trust: MAC. So stock up. It's a celeb fave, everyone one from Paris Hilton to Rachel Bilson is in love with their eyeshadows and blush so get shopping! Skin care: Okay this one's a biggie. I recommend the natural, one of a kind stuff in boutiques and spas. I'm not sure if you get it over there in the States but try this: L'occitane skin care. It's an Italian brand and it changed my skin! I love the milky warm texture of the moisturisers and the cucumber and witchazel toners are lovely.

3. Exercise. I know scary. I'll help. Exercise is probably one of the most important things when trying to boost your beauty. (body beauty that is!) It helps release the bad toxins, flushing out your system which is extremely vital in remaining a glowing, fresh faced complextion and sweating it out once in a while can help in maintaining a confident, positive, healthy out-look on life!
I try to keep my exersise regime as minial as possible. But that doesn't mean I don't work at it. I try to aim for at least 3 times a week but in those three times a week my sessions usually go for about 30-45 minutes. I always start with a good stretch. Then a 10 minute jog to get my blood pumping, then I do a 30 minute run rest for five mintues and then another 30 minute run. I go some and do some skipping and a warm-down that consits of more stretching and a ten minute walk.


Cosmo xx.

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Change. Girls we all love it. Now let's start doing a bit of it!

Posted By cosmogirl on Apr 18, 2008 at 7:05PM

1. Do Something Different
When we're busy we create a 'good enough' routine, and the monotomy drains our emotional energy. We need 'newness' in our lives so we can be happy :)

Fix it: If your energy is low, burst out of your routine and do something new. Makes sense doesn't it? So try a new gym class, take up an interesting hobby like scrapbooking or sewing or try a new cafe on the way to work. With out change life is boring...and draining...and who wants that?

2. Learn to let go of other people's expectations!
When people who are important to you expect something different of you than you need for yourself, this can be emotionally exhausting. (Duh!)
Fix it: Make a 'personal declaration of independence' (sounds hard? Well it isn't!) Don't tell anybody; just believe your expectations are your top priority and be happy when you meet them. Don't feel guilty about letting people down, like not partying with friends when all you feel like doing is staying at home, laying on the couch watching tear-jerkers and stuffing your face. (we need that sometimes!)
3. Look Forward to something! (You'd be surprised how much good it can do for you!)
Most of us have a pretty good life, but constant responsibilities, like work, stydy and relationships can get us down. (No reallY?)
Fix it: Fuel your energy by always having something to be excited about. According to Kirshenbaum, looking forward to a trip is the number one thing that boosts emotional energy. So get planning a trip! Weather it be a roadtrip with some friends or a romantic getaway with your man...


Cosmo xx.

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